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If you want to continue seeing success on Instagram, it’s important to stop using some of the old strategies that no longer work. Below are a few outdated tips that you should discontinue if you want continued success. Therefore stop doing these 5 things on your Instagram in 2023.

1. Avoid Posting Too Many Photos In A Day

Many Instagram users make the mistake of posting too many photos each day especially photos that add no value whatsoever to the mind of their audience. This quickly exhausts your followers, who may then stop following them. Instead, aim to post 3-5 photos per day maximum.

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2. Using Too Many Hashtags Is A Red Flag

Hashtags are an important part of Instagram, but using too many can be problematic. Don’t use more than three hashtags per post, it will make it harder for your followers to find and interact with your content. Additionally, this may result in posts being ignored by others. So if tagging is necessary, try using 1-3 hashtags per photo or video clip according to you, or better yet don’t tag at all.

3. Avoid Writing Unnecessarily Long captions

Captions for your photo and video content should be kept as concise as possible to make them more relevant to the photos and videos themselves, as well as to your audience. If a viewer is unable to view the full caption due to it being embedded within your feed or if they are viewing through a third-party app, then there is no need for lengthy captions.

4. Post More Original Content Rather Than Only Trending Content

Instagram’s algorithm values originality and creativity. Make sure you add creativity to every of your content on Instagram and that your best content is being shown to the public, as this will improve your chances of receiving engagement and visibility from the platform. However, it is acceptable to occasionally copy trends in order to keep things fresh for followers.

5. Posting Randomly

Keeping up with Instagram posting can be challenging, especially when it comes to timing. One way to make it easier is by using scheduling tools like ‘Later’ or ‘Hootsuite’. Both apps have features that allow you to schedule your posts, therefore random posts are one of the most important common mistakes that should be avoided. If you really want to see real growth on Instagram, you need to be intentional about your posts and activities.

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