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Hello. Welcome to DavziaX Ltd, A New-Age Marketing, Media & a Creative Agency Located In Lagos, Nigeria. Take A Look Around & Don’t Be Shy.

Davzia X (a company registered as DavziaX Ltd – RN 1846951) is the parent Company to DavziaFilms, Davzia iPromoterz, Skillzonia, SMGrowthzia, mrDavzia, Davzia Capital, & Others.

We’re into film & video production… And we also help both small & large businesses with Marketing, Branding and Sales.

Our Services Include: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation, Content Marketing, Managing of Social Media Accounts, Social Media Engagement Services, Filmmaking, Video Production, Sales Training, Branding, Business Strategy & Others.

Companies Under DavziaX are; Davzia iPromoterz, DavziaFilms, Skillzonia, SMGrowthzia, Davzia Talents, mrDavzia, Davzia Capital & others.

We’re A Result Focused Agency.

Thousands of

Clients & Users

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted brand for marketing and media services in Nigeria and the global market. We have thousands of clients using our services across all the brands under DavziaX.

Davzia iPromoterz

We help both small and medium brands with Digital Marketing & Branding putting your business in front of the people waiting to use your products or services. Our services include; Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertisements, and a lot more…

DavziaFilms Entertainment

DavziaFilms is a professional film and video production company located in Lagos, Nigeria. We’re a part of the parent company DavziaX Ltd, which is a modern-day creative and media agency. DavziaFilms provides services such as Filmmaking, Corporate commercials, Music videos, Wedding videos, Advertisement/Commercial videos, Product videos, Event videos, and many more.


Skillzonia is a platform that empowers individuals by providing a dynamic platform where creativity meets learning. At Skillzonia, we believe that everyone has the potential to learn and grow, and our goal is to foster a community where passion, innovation, and practical skills converge. Through expert instructors, interactive learning experiences, and flexible courses, Skillzonia aims to make education accessible and enjoyable for all.


David George, also known as mrDavzia, is an entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of DavziaX, a marketing, media, and creative agency located in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a coach and an expert in helping individuals and business owners make money. With his vast experience and knowledge, he has helped many people achieve their financial goals.

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

December 18, 2023

Video Marketing Trends: Leveraging Visual Content for Impact

December 18, 2023 in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO Secrets: Positioning DavziaX as the Go-To Agency in Lagos

Introduction When it comes to local search optimization, businesses in Lagos, Nigeria need to ensure they are visible to their target audience. DavziaX, a media and creative agency in Lagos,…
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December 18, 2023 in Marketing

The Power of Storytelling: How DavziaX Crafts Compelling Brand Narratives

In the world of marketing, storytelling has emerged as a powerful tool to engage and connect with audiences. Stories have the ability to captivate, inspire, and evoke emotions, making them…
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December 18, 2023 in Digital Marketing

Navigating Social Media Algorithms: Strategies for Boosting Engagement

Understanding Social Media Algorithms Social media algorithms play a crucial role in determining the reach and engagement of your content. These algorithms are constantly evolving, making it essential for businesses…
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December 18, 2023 in Business

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life at DavziaX

Introduction Welcome to DavziaX, the leading media and creative agency in Lagos, Nigeria. In this blog post, we will take you behind the scenes and provide an insider's view of…
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